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1- What is ATLess?

ATLess is an online advertising platform where users can search to find the desired products or services provided at a discounted rate by advertisers.

2- How can it be useful to me?

Before spending your money, you can check to see if what you need is available and offered at a lower price, at a nearby location. You can then contact them directly and make the arrangements any way you wish.

3- Are there any costs?


4- How can I find the deals advertised?

Using the search facilities, you can look for what you need based on the category and location, or use based on keywords (similar to searching for anything on google)

You can also browse through the listed deals available. 
The regular e.mails also provide you with the latest deals, just added so you are always in touch with the most up to date information.

5- Do I need to sign up and get a membership?

No, as a user you would not need a membership, however you can subscribe to ATLess mailing list to receive regular updates.